RAI 96 and 144

RAI 96 and 144


Wagner indicators accurately show the rudder angle position on a backlit analog display. The indicators are designed to be flush-mounted into any convenient panel or console.

Each indicator is supplied with mounting screws and is rated for IP52 protection (from the front). An IP52 rating protects against dust and dripping water. Optional seal kits consisting of additional mounting screws and gasket are available for IP66 protection (from the front). An IP66 rating is dust-tight and protects against heavy seas.

The RAI 96/144 Rudder Angle Indicator displays the rudder angle and is designed to be used with a Wagner Rudder Feedback Unit (RFU). Refer to the appropriate RFU or custom system manual for wiring details.


Supply Voltage24 VDC
Input Resistance1 kΩ ±10%
Current Draw150 mA (max)
External Dimmer Supply5-30 VDC
Dimmer Current30 mA at 30 VDC
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Signal Inputs0 volts at 0°
±1 volt at ±50°
1 kΩ input resistance

Parts Available

DescriptionPart Number
RAI 96WA-510-599
RAI 144WA-510-601